Black Star Co-Op Articles and Bylaws

Certificate of Formation: Black Star Co-op is incorporated as a co-operative association under Chapter 251 of the Texas Business Organizations Code. A copy of the the Certificate of Formation (Articles of Incorporation) in PDF format is available here.

Current Bylaws: the bylaws of the Co-op are amended and voted on by our Member-Owners from time to time. The current version (1.10) was voted on and approved in the Fall 2019 Black Star Co-op election. The WA updated and released the new bylaws in January of this year. A complete copy of the bylaws in PDF format is available here: Bylaws v1.10 pdf. You can view our Privacy Policy here.

Current Policy Monitor: the Black Star policy monitor is an established guideline for ensuring that both the Board of Directors, as well as the Workers’ Assembly, are performing duties as required by law and required in order to ensure ongoing operations of the co-op.

Policies are monitored on a scheduled basis, per the Governance Calendar. You can view our current Policy Monitor here:  Approved – 2021-12-12 – Black Star Policy Register Manual

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