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12 Days of Burgers Challenge

Dec 2019


Burger lovers of the world, are you ready to be challenged?!
It’s the most burgery time of the year here at Black Star Co-op, with 12 days of burger specials, and major awards for the hungriest of patrons.

Check out the details to participate:

Our chefs will be creating 12 different burger specials over the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve. Receive a stamp card when you order your first special burger (don’t lose it!). Eat away, and don’t forget to ask our lovely staff to stamp your card after each order.

Eat all 12 burgers: Win $100 gift card!
Eat 10 burgers: Win a $50 gift card!
Eat 8 burgers: Win a $25 gift card!
Eat 6 burgers: Win a free Black Star Burger and a T-shirt
Eat 4 burgers: Win a free Black Star burger and a koozie

You may start the contest at any time, but must eat at least 4 burger specials to receive rewards.

The burger lineup will be released soon, so be on the look out for your favorites!

Geeks Who Drink – Home Alone Pub Trivia!

Dec 2019

Nothing says Christmas quite like child abandonment and torturing burglars, so we’re hosting our first ever Home Alone pub quiz this December.

The quiz will mostly cover the only two GOOD Home Alone movies. We really don’t need to tell you that means the first two right? That said, anything and everything Home Alone is fair game, so don’t let your guard down and maybe try and suffer through all 5 (?!) Home Alone movies just to be on the safe side.

The quiz is $5 per person and the winners will take home enough cash for a cheese pizza all to themselves. Your team is limited to six total players. Remember to bring Kevin, and leave Fuller at home. He’ll just pee the bed if he drinks too much. Kevin didn’t have the internet or a cell phone to figure out how to defeat the Wet Bandits, so you can’t use them either.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED ( Get your polka band together, rent the U-Haul and register already, ya filthy animal!

Democratic Primary Debate Watch Party

Dec 2019

Six candidates have so far qualified for next month’s Democratic debate in Los Angeles, sponsored by PBS Newshour and Politico, according to an unofficial NBC News tally.