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House Beer Release: Austin Underground

Mar 2019

In collaboration with Blue Index Austin, we set out to brew a beer that focuses on the water and the effects of water on beer. We gathered 100% of the water used in the beer from Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, TX with the help of the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, and the newly formed Brewshed Alliance. The base beer is brewed with 100% local malt from Blacklands Malt in Leander, TX and is based off the Self Esteem recipe to give a baseline reference to the effect that the water profile has on the final beer. We focused on the water and using as many Texas focused ingredients we could in this beer, but we also focused on using as little water as possible on this brewday and the subsequent processes down the line to make this the least wasteful beer we have ever brewed. Come have a pint, think about water, and think about how water affects you and how you affect water.
5.0%ABV 17IBU