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The best way to be involved in the Co-op is to own it. If you love us, support local businesses, believe in sustainable practices, agree with fair labor treatment, and enjoy good beer, we encourage you to become a member.



Independence Brewing Tap Takeover

Sep 2018

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re taking over our tap wall with a bunch of brews from our friends at Independence Brewing Co.!

House Beer Release: DoubleLoo

Sep 2018

As one of our personal favorite seasonal beers at Black Star, Waterloo has been the perfect beverage to crush on a patio in 100 degree Texas heat. The summer is coming to an end and the last batch of the season just tapped out, yet we still crave the tart refreshingness of this beer soda. “If one is good, then double more must be more good”, so that’s what we did. We doubled down on Waterloo with twice the malt, twice the fruit and twice the ABV giving us all of the greatness we expect from a Waterloo turned up to 11. Kettle soured, re-fermented with tons of apricot and a touch of passionfruit, 6.0%ABV.