Meridian Hive Tap Takeover

Jul 2018

Calling all Meadheads! Meridian Hive is coming to your favorite co-op for a special tap takeover! We’ll have a limited supply of glassware, along with some sweet swag from our favorite local mazers.
Featured Meads:

Rhapsody: Wholesome blackberries, orange blossom honey and just the right amount of carbonation combine to make Rhapsody an amazingly refreshing draft mead.

Trinity:Trinity is a bold, vibrant, and delicious draft mead. We blend a triad of spices from around the world to create a uniquely refreshing drink that finishes crisp and clean. Don’t be surprised when Trinity has you rejoicing in the streets…singing Hallelujah!

Frontier: Frontier is dry-hopped using Meridian hops to create a drier mead that is clean and light. Packed with tropical and floral aromas, it finishes crisp, but without the bitter ending.