Board of Directors

Marcus Wilson

Board President and Chair of the Board Outreach Committee. If you want to chat you can often find him at the end of the bar near the kitchen in the brewpub. He is reachable via e-mail at I check my Black Star email at least once a day. I love Black Star, workers rights, movies, and beer. #barnutsforever #teamvulcan Term Expires: 2018

Dacia Schoolfield

When Mrs. Schoolfield isn’t drinking beer, maybe you’ll find her at ACC where she is pursuing a dual major in Culinary & Pastry Arts. Or, you might find her at Austin Books & Comics, where she’s always looking for the latest & greatest Aliens comic book. On occasion, she’s also been known to pop by the theater for a musical or otherwise fabulous production. When she isn’t working on a new recipe, baking or reading, she is otherwise laughing and drinking it up with her husband or playing Nerf wars with her son. Mrs. Schoolfield enjoys bad jokes, sci-fi movies, chats with new folks, and drinking a Vulcan while eating an Avocado Club. Prost!

Charlotte Harper

Board Member
A resident of Crestview, Charlotte loves that the neighborhood bar is the special place that is the Black Star Co-Op. Currently working as a lawyer in the public sector, Charlotte’s first professional job as a 20-year-old graduate was for a trade association representing telephone cooperates throughout the U.S. Thus, her appreciation of coops is long-lived and predates her appreciation of, and legal enjoyment of, great beer: service on Black Star’s board blends the two perfectly. Charlotte has lived in the Austin area since getting married in 1994, but for a brief stint driving to Waco every day to get a law degree. She enjoys traveling, movies, cross stitching, the oxford comma, and a pint of Vulcan, but learned the hard way never to work on a large cross stitch project after having that pint. Her appointed term ends 2019.

Graham Green

Board Member
A Brentwood local, keen beer drinker and home-brewer Graham is originally from the land of cask beer (England) but has acclimatized well to Austin since moving here in 2013. His wife (an Austin original), claims he becomes a little more Texan every day, a claim he disputes. His main gig is in product marketing for a local engineering firm, where he employs strategic, project management and evangelism skill that he hopes to bring to the Black Star board. His side gigs include, playing trombone in a local jazz band, spoiling his small white fluffy dog, and eating good cheese – all skills and activities with less direct use during board meetings, but who knows what the future brings…. Graham is excited about serving the Black Star Coop members and contributing to support and build a quality neighborhood pub!

Roger Corrales

Board Member
Roger is from the Bronx. He’s worked in the craft beer industry for over five years. New York City is cool, but not as weird as Austin. So, Roger moved to enjoy the oddities of this city. Since moving to Austin, he has been slinging beer at Black Star Co-op. After enough time of enjoying being part of the co-op, he decided to join the board. You can usually catch Roger hanging around the co-op if you ever have any questions. Cheers! Term Expires: 2021

Kyle Voosen

A native of New Braunfels, Kyle moved to the Brentwood area of Austin in 2002, shortly after marrying his college sweetheart. Since then, they've traveled significantly, putting down roots in Germany and England (where they gained a strong appreciation for beer and pubs), before moving back to the neighborhood and their favorite local pub: the Black Star Co-op. These days, Kyle spends his free time seeking Gemuetlichkeit through family gatherings, home brew, board games and books. He also loves to co-operate.
Term Expires: 2018

John Warren

John believes that Black Star is unique; its business model, the fact that it’s a co-op, the quality of its beers, and the foods it serves. He also believes that the member/owners and “regulars” are unique assets to Black Star and wants to explore ways to empower them to be our best ambassadors! He wants to bring his 20 years of business/technology experience to help Black Star strive in the very competitive Austin market. John loves to travel the world and he knew his wife was a keeper when he realized that she had more camping gear than he did! He’s here every week, just ask the amazing staff, and come join him for a pint! Term Expires: 2018