Worker Spotlight: Hayden Powers

1. What is your position and what do you do at Black Star?
I am the assistant manager of the Pub Team at Black Star. Anyone reading this probably
knows the majority of my responsibilities, but I also am the one who buys the non-
alcoholic beverages for when you don’t feel like a beer.

2. Where are you from?
Originally from South Dakota, but I spent most of my formative years in Phoenix,
Arizona. Escaped the cold at an early age and never looked back, it seems.

3. How long have you been in Austin, and what is one of your favorite places or things about living

I have lived in Austin for just over two years now. Despite it being during the bulk of the
pandemic, I very much enjoy the number of parks and disc golf courses in the city.
Coming from Phoenix, the amount of green is extremely refreshing.

4. What do you enjoy about Black Star Co-op?
The availability of information about the business itself and open channels of
communication really make me feel as though I am an important part of the co-op.

5. What’s one fun or unusual thing about working at Black Star that is different from other jobs you

This is my first food service job in general, so there are a ton of things that I haven’t
experienced from the other side of the counter until recently. Since the Workers’
Assembly is responsible for running this show, including some maintenance duties, I
have had a lot of fun exploring the nooks and crannies of the building. Seems like I am
finding new hidden corners constantly.
6. What is your favorite house beer?
For the longest time it was Self Esteem, but I have really fallen in love with Roze Sap
over the last few months. Still new-ish to the beer game so I haven’t fully worked up to
IPAs yet.

7. What do you do outside of work with your free time? 
Most of my free time is spent on my computer, whether that be playing games or
watching shows. Outside of that, I spend a lot of time with my nephew, who I nannied for
the first two years of his life. Also dabble in some disc golf during those valuable free

8. The pandemic has limited travel for everyone, but what is one of your favorite places you visited
or trips you have taken in the past?

I actually just recently returned from a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. I had a great
time walking around the French District, visiting various historical sites, from Fort Sumter
to a plantation house, and eating the extremely fresh seafood!

9. Any Last words to the co-op members?
One of the best parts of this job is seeing familiar faces and learning peoples’ names
(after much trial and error). Just wanted to thank you all for your continued support.