Wine Down Wednesday with Chef Brian

Q: What’s your earliest food memory?

CB: Grandma’s German chocolate cake. What kid doesn’t love chocolate.

Q: Who has influenced your cooking the most?

CB: Michael Simon because we’re both from the midwest and have similar culinary interests.

Q: What’s your favorite go-to ingredient?

CB: Beer! I enjoy cooking with all types of beer. The usually go-to style will be stouts because of their versatility.

Q: What are some of your signature dishes?

CB: Chardonnay lemon chicken or beer chili. 

Q: What did you choose to make for Wine Down Wednesday?

CB: Pulled pork sliders with a Waterloo slaw.

Q: What was the inspiration for the dish?

CB: We don’t serve pork entrees often so… here you go!

Q: If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be?

CB: My mom. I would make her a six cheese, Bolognese, spinach lasagna.

Q: Dumbest thing you’ve ever done with food or in a kitchen?

CB: Not asking enough questions.

Q: Is there an ingredient you use a lot that would surprise people?

CB: I put beer in a lot of stuff. I think most people are surprised by beer ice cream.

Q: What would we find in your kitchen at home?

CB: Fresh herbs, local produce and left overs.

Q: Most memorable meal?

CB: Ravioli from Teodori’s in Melrose Park, Illnois.

Q: What food is your guilty pleasure?

CB: Thai food man. Tom Yum Soup just has a great balance of flavor and heat.

Q: What’s your last meal on earth, if you had the chance to choose?

CB: Steak and potatoes.

**Join Chef Brian and his culinary pulled pork creation on August 22nd for Wine Down Wednesday!