Well Shot

Late last month we surprisingly released a pretty cool beer called Well Shot. This beer went under the radar and we felt obliged to give a quick spiel about why we think this beer deserves some hype. Well Shot was created on a whim to try to produce the beer equivalent of a shot at a bar. We started by building a base wheat wine recipe that was packed with Blacklands Malt Red Winter Wheat and then boiled extensively to impart some slight caramelization flavors on the wort. The base was then fermented with high gravity/high alcohol tolerant yeast to yield a 12% ABV beer that was then moved into the Stranahan’s Whiskey barrels, previously housed by Moebius (our imperial stout). 
Months passed after filling the barrels. We tasted the progress, and… it was pretty lame. Although the first round of beer aged in these had less character than we expected, we did not imagine we would get nothing from a second aging. Well, the barrels were already full and we did not need to free up the space, so we decided to just sit on them for a while and see what happens.
Months go by again. Another sample was taken, and… it was dope! All of the caramel and wheat from the base beer melded with the char and vanilla from the oak barrels and created a beautifully whiskey like beer that hit on the notes that we were originally trying to capture when this project was conceived. 
Aged for 7 months in whiskey barrels and served still (no carbonation), Well Shot is pretty damn close to what we intended it to be. We will be serving this beer in 5 oz tasters for $4/each to emulate the feel of a shot of whiskey. Because of the high alcohol content, 5 ounces of this beer contains almost the same amount of alcohol as there is in an actual shot of whiskey. I recommend letting this beer warm slightly as the nuance of the barrel really starts to come out at higher temperatures. 
Weather you sip it or shoot it, I hope you get a chance to try Well Shot before it is gone!