The House That Beer Built: Dedication

The Austin Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication was held on Saturday January 31, and 5 families sawed through the ceremonial last board and received the keys to their first ever owned home.

The House That Beer Built was among the homes dedicated, as the happy Huerta family posed for photos at their home, and the kids ran through choosing rooms and claiming space.  The ceremony was truly moving and very touching, and a fine turnout from the many brewers and beer enthusiasts who made this particular home possible was quite gratifying.

Black Star Co-Op member owners alone raised more than $5,000 toward this wonderful project, and many thanks are due to them, and also to the pub team for their assistance and generous donation of house beer proceeds during beer week.  Speaking personally I can say that mine were not the only tear-filled eyes at the dedication—the joyous sight of seeing so many happy families making a new neighborhood together is something that moved many on this fine Saturday.