Black Star Co-op’s 2015 Holiday Gift Packages

Our 2015 gift packages are now available, check out the full list of holiday offers below:


Imperial Gift Membership $180/$200
Fully paid membership, choice of growler (glass/insulated), Rational growler fill, pint glass, and brewzie.

Mega Sweet Gift Certificate Deal $100
Buy 5 $20 gift certificates, get an additional $20 certificate free

Growler Starter Set $35/$60
Choice of growler (glass/insulated) and 1 Rational growler fill

Black Star Swag $20
Choice of crew cut t-shirt, pint glass, and brewzie

Family Size Special $60/$85
Choice of growler (glass/insulated), 2 t-shirts, and baby onesie

Bundled Up Bundle $60/$85
Hoodie, choice of growler (glass/insulated), and brewzie

Fair Weather Fan Pack $20
Logo sunglasses, brewzie, and tank top

Holiday Four Pack $12/$16
4 Rational bottled 12 oz beers / 3 Rational beers and an Irrational