Of the Vine : November, 2019

It’s that time of year again, the bustling months known in the wine industry as “O.N.D.”, descriptive of the last three months of the year. For those of us that are buyers, this is the most wonderful time, tasting the fullest-bodied reds, and the finest grower champagnes. We get to have all the fun, choosing the lushest of juices to satiate and coat the palate. This November I have some especially fun wines coming in, that will pair well with our upcoming menu. There will be a rotating rich red selection, and some nerdy one-offs, but I’m particularly excited about introducing our first natural wine onto the list: Broadside Chardonnay. Cellared and bottled out of Santa Rosa, California, this winery harvests organic grapes at their lowest sugars, uses no new oak, and minimally interferes with the wine-making process at all levels. Natural wines essentially finish as “living,” made without adding or removing anything in the cellar, and using no fining or tight filtration. To put it in beer-thinking terms, natural wines are like unfiltered farmhouse ales, free to mature and ferment how they see fit. Ripe pear and caramel on the nose, this chardonnay drinks silky and warming, with a rich, toasted grain finish. I recommend pairing it with the tikka masala or the scallop dish. Keep an eye out for the holiday favorite Beaujolais Nouveau at the end of the month, also maybe some Cabernet Franc, maybe some Primitivo out of Italy, or some dry, full Dolcetto. So bring your family, your friends, and your coworkers to revel in the comfort of our end-of-the-year offerings.