You may be asking, “What is a Kellerbier?” Well, simply put, a Kellerbier is a lager that is served neither pasteurized or filtered(in our case clarified) so that it is slightly hazy and still contains some yeast in suspension. Inspired by my recent trip to Germany, we have decided to hold a special event that is in celebration of this yeasty beverage where we will be filling, cellaring and subsequently serving a portion of our Pilsner, Midtown Light, out of a 15 gallon wooden barrel. The cask will be tapped with a brass faucet at 11AM on Friday, February 16th when we open and we hope to serve through the whole thing that day! To promote everyone coming out to celebrate this event with us, we want to welcome you to BRING YOUR OWN STEIN!!! Each 1/2 liter will be $5 flat, so come fill up your glass, soak up some beautiful Texas sunshine and drink a cold mug of lager on our patio!

Midtown Light will be released with slightly less yeast on February 22nd. 5.0%ABV 22IBU


By Andy Martinec