HalloWine Down Wednesday: Insights from Chef Phill

Q. What’s your earliest food memory?

CP: My grandma’s stewed apples with cinnamon.

Q. Who has influenced your cooking the most?

CP: Kevin Gambino. He’s a badass chef from NOLA I worked under for a year. Taught me a lot versatility.

Q. What’s your favorite go-to ingredient?

CP: Potatoes …or sweet potatoes.

Q. What are some of your signature dishes?

CP: Breakfast, pan fried chicken, salmon with collards and red onions. Also anything with pasta.

Q. What did you choose to make for Wine Down Wednesday?

CP: I have a whole meal planned. The appetizer will be Heart of Palm Salad, the entree will be Vegan Lasagna, and for dessert a Spicy Brownie.

Q. What was the inspiration for the dish?

CP: The Heart of Palm was inspired by working with Kevin Gambino,  and the vinaigrette I’ve come up with recently. The lasagna, well, I love pasta so lasagna was an easy choice. Lastly the spicy brownie just came me and I’m excited to make it.

Q. If you could cook a meal with anyone, who would it be?

CP: Francis Mallman, his style of cooking with fire tribal methods. I would enjoy being a student of his.

Q. Dumbest thing you’ve ever done with food or in a kitchen?

CP: I hurt myself once a week. Whether it’s a nick, burn, dropping something… it’s just always something.

Q. Is there an ingredient you use a lot that would surprise people?

CP: Fish sauce in non-asian cuisines because of how it neutralizes the tones of certain ingredients. I find it interesting.

Q. What would we find in your kitchen at home?

CP: Tons of onions, potatoes and fruit. Also spices and fresh herbs from my yard.

Q. Most memorable meal?

CP: Anything cooked in a skillet while camping.

Q. What food is your guilty pleasure?

CP: All the sweets. I have a huge sweet tooth!

Q. What’s your last meal on earth, if you had the chance to choose?

CP: Well cooked seafood. A mixed entree of salmon, crab and lobster. Also for dessert I’d like a blackberry cobbler.

You can enjoy Chef Phil’s 3 course vegan menu on Wednesday, October 31st for a very special Wine Down Wednesday!