Red Line Brewery Tour

Sep 2018

The Red Line Brewery Tour is coming in hot! If you’ve been on the tour before, well you know the drill! And if you’re a first-timer here’s the low down.

Train hop with the Capital Metro Red Line to 4 local breweries (listed below) and recieve a custom enamel pin and patch.

The breweries:
– Circle Brewing Company at Kramer Station
– Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery at Crestview Station
– The Brewtorium Brewery & Kitchen at Highland
– Zilker Brewing Company at Plaza Saltillo

Here’s how the tour works:
1. Grab an official Red Line Brewery Tour punch card, available at all 4 locations.

2. Buy (and drink) a beer at each brewery to receive a stamp for that brewery on your punch card.

3. At the last brewery, turn in your completed punch card to receive a limited edition, custom enamel pin and patch.

The Brewtorium Brewery & Kitchen is offering Red Line Express food option for $9 including either Bratwurst & a Side or Veggie Cheesesteak & a Side for $9

***PLEASE NOTE: The custom pins & patches are limited and will be given out on a first-come, first served basis to those who complete the tour***

-Do I have to visit the breweries in a specific order? Nope, all 4 breweries are minutes from Capital MetroRail stops so whatever order makes the most sense for you!
-Does this event cost anything? Besides the delicious beer you will buy at each brewery, this event is totally free.
-Are the pins & patches only at 1 brewery? We will have them at every location!