Member-Owner Happy Hour!

Mar 2022

What Member owner persona are you?

– My Black Star t-shirt was bought in a field before you were born young whippersnapper!

– My Black Star t-shirt has so many holes in it my husband only permits me to wear it for gardening…

– My Black Star hoodie has been warn so often and is so soggy that the zipper starts around my knees…

– My Black Star hat is pristine, perfect, good as new…. but is somewhere on the number 5 bus in south Austin…

– Black Star merch, what’s that? I’m new around here, but it sounds cool!

However you identify, maybe its time for a new sweater, t-shirt or scarf to wear proudly as you show the world what it means to own a community brew pub, celebrate cooperative principles, evangelize an ethical business operating in your town and most of all be proud of your co-op! Anyway, enough of all this enthusiastic talk, down to business! Come join us for HH on March 24th, enjoy free beer and 1/2 off Black Star merch for member/owners.

Come join me and the other board members, Member-Owners and Workers Assembly members as we enjoy a beer on the patio and welcome spring to Austin with a cold pint of Little Hollywood (other beers are obviously available too but the LH is currently my favorite). You can’t miss us; we will be the motley crew in the corner sporting an array of fashionable BSCO shirts, old and new! cant wait to see you there!

Graham (Board Member Dev Chair)