Collaboration Beer Release: Super Dope Tiki Beer

Dec 2018

This past month we teamed up with our friends over at the newly opened Last Straw for a new addition to our Tiki beer series. After sampling some beers and booze, we put our brains and drinks together to create a super dope idea for a fruity, rum barrel aged beer.
Inspired by a couple of cocktails on their menu, this beer started with a malty, rum barrel aged base that was blended and re-feremented with a ton of black currant and apricot puree. Once the referementation was complete, we then dosed in some rum soaked fall spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. After a few weeks of allowing these flavors to meld together, the final beer turned out dry, tart, and super fruit forward, yet balanced by warming spiced rum character that takes your taste buds on a holiday vacation in the Caribbean. Come join us here at the co-op at 11am, and at Last Straw from 7pm-close for a special branded glass and a pour of this magenta hued brew. 6.0%ABV