Chef Tilly’s Wine Down Inspirations

Q. What’s your earliest food memory?

CT: Eating pickles at the bar of my grandparent’s restaurant.

Q. Who has influenced your cooking the most?

CT: Both of my grandmothers.

Q. What’s your favorite go-to ingredient?

CT: Mushrooms

Q. What did you choose to make for Wine Down Wednesday?

CT: Black Drum fillet over a bed of garlic, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and spinach. It will come with a surprise appetizer 🙂

Q. What was the inspiration for the dish?

CT: The colors of Autumn. Plus, these are some of my favorite ingredients.

Q. If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be?

CT: I would cook for my grandmas as a thank you for cooking for me all those years.

Q. Dumbest thing you’ve ever done with food or in a kitchen?

CT: While I was making cookies I forgot to put baking soda in the recipe. They ended up being sweet crackers instead…

Q. What would we find in your kitchen at home?

CT: Lots of fresh herbs, spices, mushrooms and pickles.

Q. Most memorable meal?

CT: A Giant Bloody Mary. It came with onion rings, celery, olives, peppers and it was about the size of me.

Q. What food is your guilty pleasure?

CT: Pickles…all the pickles.

Q. What’s your last meal on earth, if you had the chance to choose?

CT: My leg.