Lead Your Co-op, Run for the Board of Directors

Fellow Black Star Member-Owners, now is a great time to help lead our co-op! There are four (4) seats open this fall on the Board of Directors.

As a democratically-governed cooperative, electing our own Board of Directors is a privilege of being a Member-Owner. Running for the Board is your opportunity to bring enthusiasm, ideas, and effort to the Black Star Co-op. If you would like to help the Co- op by crafting policies and principles, representing the best interests of the Member- Owners, and collaborating with the Workersʼ Assembly.

A few basics: to run for the Board, you must be a fully invested Member-Owner. If you havenʼt yet paid your balance, you can do so online or at the co-op.
Please view and download the Election Packet here. It contains information about the election, important dates, candidate questions for the website, and the Declaration of Candidacy youʼll need to sign and return to the Co-op.

You need to have attended at least one Black Star Board meeting within the last year and attend a Candidate Orientation Session. If you havenʼt yet been to a Board Meeting, you have a few more chances before the Fall Membersʼ Assembly meeting on October 26th. Board meetings are usually 11-2pm on the third Sunday of the month at 7010 Easy Wind Dr., Ste. 210 (in the Midtown Commons development). However, check the website in case of any changes.

Youʼll also need to attend one of the following Candidate Orientation Sessions:

  • Monday, August 18th at 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, August 20th at 6:00pm
  • September 7 at 11:00am

If you have any questions about running for the Board of Directors, please contact the Membership Linkage Committee at membershiplinkage@blackstar.coop.