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Beer Positive Brewery Challenge Blood Drive

During the first couple weeks of March we are participating in Beer Positive Brewery Challenge Blood Drive hosted by We Are Blood where several breweries will be competing in good faith to get people out to donate some blood on their behalf. This is for a great cause and we are extremely excited to be included in the group of businesses asked to participate in this event. This is, however, still a competition. With trophies. And we really want a trophy. Like, really really. So, we are asking whoever is able to try and make it out to donate some blood between March 1st-16th at any We Are Blood fixed or mobile location, just let them know you are donating for Black Star.
Tell your friends, tell your family and tell your neighbors so we can prove to this city, once and for all, that we have the most blood. Or something like that.



By Andy Martinec

Hop Madness

Calling all hop heads! Hop Madness has returned! Our blind IPA tasting is here! Hop Madness is our annual month long blind flight tasting. The first week of IPAs begins with Austin’s finest from March 5th to March 11th. The second week of flights are from the state of Texas outside of Austin. The third round are national IPAs from east to west and a couple from from middle America. For the final take off it will be all the winners from those three rounds and the highest voted runner up. This round will decide what beer goes on for the month of April! Let the best IPA win! Cheers!


By Roger Corrales


You may be asking, “What is a Kellerbier?” Well, simply put, a Kellerbier is a lager that is served neither pasteurized or filtered(in our case clarified) so that it is slightly hazy and still contains some yeast in suspension. Inspired by my recent trip to Germany, we have decided to hold a special event that is in celebration of this yeasty beverage where we will be filling, cellaring and subsequently serving a portion of our Pilsner, Midtown Light, out of a 15 gallon wooden barrel. read more

Island Baby

Island Baby has been an idea in the works for about half a year now but we finally pulled the trigger on brewing it back in August. We wanted to create a series of beers that were inspired by Tiki drinks/cocktails and the first of the series needed to be a big one, so we landed on the Hurricane as our inspiration.

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Space Bear

For those who were are the Texas Craft Brewers Festival this past weekend, you may already know about Space Bear. For those who were not, we have a very exciting beer that we debut at the festival and will be releasing kegs at the pub on the 24th of October and a limited bottle release will be announced later this month. 

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Rational Thought

Over the years, quite a few things have changed in the brewery, and with an ever-evolving craft beer scene, that is to be expected. We have introduced over 50 unique beer recipes, began distributing our beer, won a Bronze(2013) and Gold(2015) medal at the Great American Beer Festival, finally got a Crowler machine for a viable to-go beer option, and all the while we’ve continued to come up with new beer names that are long, tongue-tying or just downright obscure (Jim Crust anyone?).

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Brouwerslokaal Collaboration

Back in January of this year I was approached by one of our board members, Cole, to see if we were interested in a potential collaboration with a brewer from the Netherlands. I was immediately intrigued, so we agreed to start a dialogue via email where I was then introduced to the brewer, Thibo Baccarne.

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