Black Star Untappd

Hey folks! If you are a craft beer drinker (I presume you are??!!) and do not know about Untappd, let me give you a quick run down of this super cool beer drinking app. Untappd lets you find and rate beers that you may be drinking at a bar, brewery, or even at home. You can earn “Badges” for many different accomplishments such as visiting a certain number of locations or having sampled over 300 hazy IPAs! All in all it’s a pretty cool way to track the beers you’ve had and have a record of what you thought about them. This platform is also quite useful for breweries/retailers as it offers insight into which beers consumers are drinking and liking/disliking. This month we opted in to Untappd’s “Verified Venue” plan which allows us to control and update the Black Star Co-op Venue page. With this subscription we are able to add and subtract beers from our menus in real time while directly notifying those who subscribe to our venue. This is where you come in. If you currently use Untappd, please follow/subscribe to our page and select the option (if this interests you) to see notifications from us. With this function you will be updated directly on your phone every time we make a change to our beer menu, letting you know exactly when we put something new on draft. If you do not currently use Untappd, I highly recommend checking it out, even if you choose not to subscribe to our notifications. Seeing what our customers like and dislike based on their feedback is a large driver in what we brew in the future, so weather it is on the app or just in an email, we love hearing from y’all about what we could do better for you. I hope this is helpful for some of you beer nerds out there!