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The Price is Right On, Man!

We think a lot about prices at the Co-op. We’re constantly making sure we offer quality products at reasonable prices, and of course, making sure we cover the costs of doing business. The Workers’ Assembly uses a pricing model that generates adequate income to be a successful business while also staying competitive within the market. So, as more and more craft beer bars open around Austin, you’ve watched our prices change to remain in-step with the competition. And while our prices increased, the standing Tuesday discount for member-owners has remained the same. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that starting today, Tuesday July 7th, the new discount for member-owner pint night is $2 off house pints. That’s right, just one more reason to stop in and make your membership work for you.

Co-ops exist to meet the needs of their member-owners and subscribe to an internationally recognized set of principles and values. Our Ends Policies express our community’s values and act as the guide for our daily operation’s ability to meet the needs of our member-owners. We showcase local and sustainable businesses and co-ops by offering their products, we support a living wage and democratic self-management, we support our community through sponsorships and donations to local organizations, and we educate our customers on how great it is to be a co-op. In the kitchen, we express our community’s values by offering high quality, locally-sourced, often sustainable, always ethical and humane food choices at extremely competitive prices.

I’m sure you can tell that we offer great products at a great price. In fact, we did a little price comparison on one of our most popular menu items – the Black Star Burger. We looked around and compared burgers of a similar quality — natural, hormone-free, anti-biotic free, and ground fresh in-house daily — and found that we, do indeed, offer an incredible value for our food. Check it out:

We feel that it is important maintain an accessible price point for our patrons and member-owners, that way we can all enjoy our Co-op. We hope you appreciate your membership experience, and continue to see the value of Black Star Co-op!

Invest in Black Star Co-op Treasury Shares

Prior to opening, Member-Owners who wished to invest additional capital into the Co-op were able to purchase Member-Investor Shares. Black Star Co-op had two offerings of Member-Investor Shares: one in 2008 and the other in 2010. These Investor Shares paid for staffing during the build out, construction costs, and start up capital needed for our brewpub. Now some of the first Member-Investor Shares have matured, and a few investors have begun to request that the Co-op repurchase their shares. The Board of Directors feels it is in the best interest of the Co-op to maintain the existing level of Member-Investor Share Equity, and are reselling these shares.

To this end, the Workers’ Assembly created a waiting list of interested members. We currently have a limited amount of Treasury Shares available. However, as more investors request that the Co-op repurchase their investments, more Treasury Shares will become available for purchase. 

Members can participate in the Treasury Share offering with a minimum investment of $1,000. Treasury Shares, like Member-Investor Shares, are $100 each, with maturity dates five, six, or seven years after the date of investment, determined by the mutual agreement between the Co-op and the investor. 

We encourage you to invest in your Co-op through this offering in order to use your money in a socially conscious manner and to help realize the vision that has brought us all together.

Contact us at or for more information or to make an additional investment in your Co-op.

Lead Your Co-op, Run for the Board of Directors

Fellow Black Star Member-Owners, now is a great time to help lead our co-op! There are four (4) seats open this fall on the Board of Directors.

As a democratically-governed cooperative, electing our own Board of Directors is a privilege of being a Member-Owner. Running for the Board is your opportunity to bring enthusiasm, ideas, and effort to the Black Star Co-op. If you would like to help the Co- op by crafting policies and principles, representing the best interests of the Member- Owners, and collaborating with the Workersʼ Assembly.

A few basics: to run for the Board, you must be a fully invested Member-Owner. If you havenʼt yet paid your balance, you can do so online or at the co-op.
Please view and download the Election Packet here. It contains information about the election, important dates, candidate questions for the website, and the Declaration of Candidacy youʼll need to sign and return to the Co-op.

You need to have attended at least one Black Star Board meeting within the last year and attend a Candidate Orientation Session. If you havenʼt yet been to a Board Meeting, you have a few more chances before the Fall Membersʼ Assembly meeting on October 26th. Board meetings are usually 11-2pm on the third Sunday of the month at 7010 Easy Wind Dr., Ste. 210 (in the Midtown Commons development). However, check the website in case of any changes.

Youʼll also need to attend one of the following Candidate Orientation Sessions:

  • Monday, August 18th at 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, August 20th at 6:00pm
  • September 7 at 11:00am

If you have any questions about running for the Board of Directors, please contact the Membership Linkage Committee at