Brunch at Black Star!!!

Over the past few years, it seems like the idea of weekend brunch has taken on an entirely new meaning in the culinary world and in the life of its consumers. What was once viewed as an extra opportunity to quietly sip morning cocktails without being judged (at least that’s how I felt about it) has slowly morphed into a glittering party of its own, filled with bright lights, flights of bacon, and the occasional DJ.

At Black Star, we’ve tried to maintain our casual and welcoming vibes while offering one of the best brunch menus you can find in Austin. We gathered a seasoned committee of workers from each team to bring you a calculated and creative menu. The supergroup of workers quickly came up with dishes like the Crab Cake Benedict, Fried Chicken and Hoecakes, Tri-tip and Eggs, and the comically controversial Goat Vindaloo Hash (It lived It died. It rose again). With two draft wine taps (how cool is that?!) dedicated to Rose and Prosecco, mimosas and palomas are the perfect cure for those of us who drank too much Vulcan the night before. So trust us, our brunch menu has been carefully curated to be perfect for me, you, and anyone who appreciates the subtle art of combining classy breakfast foods with good old fashioned day drinking. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm.

*Brunch babes, be sure to look out for our Tribute to Prosecco on Sunday, August 13th, featuring a flight of prosecco cocktails!