Rational Thought

Over the years, quite a few things have changed in the brewery, and with an ever-evolving craft beer scene, that is to be expected. We have introduced over 50 unique beer recipes, began distributing our beer, won a Bronze(2013) and Gold(2015) medal at the Great American Beer Festival, finally got a Crowler machine for a viable to-go beer option, and all the while we’ve continued to come up with new beer names that are long, tongue-tying or just downright obscure (Jim Crust anyone?).

One thing, however, that has not seen much change is our line up of Rational Beers. This is something we in the brewery have had on our minds for a while now, and I believe there is no time like the present to breathe some new life into the left side of our chalkboard. In the interest of not getting into too much detail in this article, I’ll get straight to the point; we will begin releasing some newer Rational beers which will ultimately mean that others must fall to the wayside due to tank space. Our first shot at this will be to replace High Esteem for a temporary amount of time. We are currently deciding whether to use one of our recent lighter/sessionable beers as a replacement (Midtown Light, Yes Chef and Gemutlichkeitbier to name a few), or to introduce something new altogether. This may come as a surprise to some who love High Esteem, but we as brewers/workers have always had a strained relationship with this beer. We put considerably more effort into brewing this beer than other Rational beers and sometimes what ends up in the glass leaves us wanting. In short, the batch of High Esteem that is currently on draft will be the last batch we brew for some time, so if you are a fan, come on in and drink it up for the next couple of weeks. We want to continue to look into new recipes for long run seasonal Rational beers going forward as well, so keep a look out for some changes! 

I’m sorry if this is a shock to anyone but please feel free to contact me directly with any feedback you may have at Andym@blackstar.coop, I am always more than willing to listen to what you fine folks have to say.

***In the interest of self preservation I find it necessary to mention VULCAN WILL NOT BE GOING ANYWHERE for the foreseeable future.***