Brouwerslokaal Collaboration

Back in January of this year I was approached by one of our board members, Cole, to see if we were interested in a potential collaboration with a brewer from the Netherlands. I was immediately intrigued, so we agreed to start a dialogue via email where I was then introduced to the brewer, Thibo Baccarne.

Thibo is a young brewer who took on an internship at Westmalle Brewery when he was just 17 years old and is now quite seasoned and working for a brewery called Brouwerslokaal(Local Brewer) in the Netherlands. We began exchanging emails and soon I became pretty excited about creating this beer since I could tell both of our creative juices were flowing. Ultimately we landed on a Saison recipe that we would then slightly sour in order to give it an acidic backbone, and then re-ferment the beer with a sizeable amount of guava puree. Our hope is that this beer turns out tart, very tropical and effervescent with some spicy yeast character peppered in as well. To make this collaboration particularly exciting, Thibo will be coming over to the states for a week so that we can brew this beer together and take copious amounts of pictures(as well as beer shots) on the week of the 8th. Unfortunately, Thibo will not be here to attend the release, but he will be taking the recipe back to the Netherlands in hopes to brew a batch a Brouerslokaal.  This currently unnamed beer will be unveiled  here at Black Star on May 26th so look for the event on Facebook, you don’t want to miss this one!