Upcoming Menu Changes

Your Kitchen Team will be putting out our SXSW menu this week. We are working on a new format this year that will highlight more seasonal items, but still keeps our favorite items around. Over the past year, we’ve established a few new relationships with local purveyors, ranchers, and farmers that we want to showcase. 

After South By, we will be moving into spring seasonal menus. Unlike previous years, we will be changing the menu more frequently to be more ingredient driven, preparing our members and patrons more of a range of what our area has to offer. In doing this, we’ll be moving away from daily specials, to focus on a menu that is more like a group of specials. 

We’ve recently started getting pasture raised heritage pork form Boxcar Farms in Maxwell, TX. The quality of the pork is outstanding, and these hogs are being raised specifically for us, which is a really shortens our food chain. We’ve also started buying seafood from Heritage Seafood, who took over some of the coastal contacts of Roberto San Miguel. If you’ve seen seafood specials over the last few months, there is a good chance we sourced the protein through Heritage (including the recent crawfish boil). 

Anyway, we hope that you will enjoy this change, and we understand that you have favorite items, we do too. However, it’s important to remember that we try and keep everything very seasonal and local around here, and sometimes that means killing our darlings and taking items off the menu for a spell. If that makes you want get your pitchforks out, that’s fine, feel free to email me at johnnyl@blackstar.coop.