Join a Board Committee

The Board has several committees which are either active or activating, and now’s the time to join up if you’re interested in deepening your commitment to Black Star and helping to lead our cooperative. 

All committees will involve email communications, some work from home, as well as in-person committee meetings, usually at the pub. Joining a committee is a great way to serve your community owned business without taking on full-on directorship. It’s also a great way to explore the Board’s work to see if you’re interested in running for the Board.

Ends Committee:

The Ends Committee will be reviewing our existing Ends and drafting new ones to create a guiding vision for our cooperative. Ends will be proposed to members and voted on at a Members’ Assembly meeting. Email Beth at if you’re interested.

Outreach Committee:

The Outreach Committee ensures that the Board is keeping the membership engaged by organizing Member-Owner Extravaganzas and other events, as well as helping to plan communications. Email Marcus at to get involved.

Sunset Committee:

In order to inform the Board’s work, The Sunset Committee will research under what conditions the co-op should close, and what decision points the Board should consider. Email the Board  at if you’re interested in serving on this committee.

Annual Report Review Committee:

The Annual Report Review Committee ensures that the Annual Report meets all of the criteria set out by the Texas Business Organization Code and that it is properly filed with the state. Email Charles at to join the ARRC.

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee does direct inspections of the cooperative’s books upon request of the board, considers and makes recommendations for financial audit or review, and ensures that all directors have the skills required to understand financial materials presented to them. Email Cole at to find out more.

If you are interested in committee service but aren’t sure where you’d be the best fit, email the Board at and we’ll help find the right place for you.