Island Baby

Island Baby has been an idea in the works for about half a year now but we finally pulled the trigger on brewing it back in August. We wanted to create a series of beers that were inspired by Tiki drinks/cocktails and the first of the series needed to be a big one, so we landed on the Hurricane as our inspiration.

The beer’s base was simple yet big and malt forward, fermenting out to around 9.3% ABV, making it a perfect pallet to add other flavors to. Next we transferred the base over to 3 St. Croix rum barrels to let it sit and soak up all of the molasses, oak, vanilla and caramel flavors over the next 2 months. Once it had a similar profile as rum, we moved it into a stainless steel tank with a tremendous amount of passion fruit, pineapple and pomegranate juices and allowed it to ferment. We now have a beer that is truly unique and are proud to call Island Baby. This tropical adventure in a glass came out to 9.1%ABV and will be served in an upside down pineapple glass to really drive home the island feel.

This has been one of our most fun beers to make and we look forward to releasing more additions to this Tiki series, including a beer currently sitting in the same rum barrels as Island Baby.