Resolutions for 2017

2017 is here, and many of us couldn’t be happier. The previous year left its scars on us and the wider world. So as we shed the cumulative experiential skin of 2016 and nakedly begin our 2017, I thought we could share a few of our resolutions for this new year. 

From our Workers: 

“To keep my apartment mostly clean.” – Forest

“I don’t really do resolutions, but I want to eat fewer chips, ranch, and drink less beer (specifically at Black Star). Maybe that’s not super conducive to getting people in here, but that’s my thing—be less of a fat kid.” – Rachel

“My New Year’s Resolution is to not take lighters that don’t belong to me. And to keep better track of chapsticks and my bobby pins.” – Grace

“To get swole.” – Anonymous

“I still resolve to get famous this year. I don’t give up on my dreams. My co-op resolution is to master the art of spreadsheets by July 2017.” – Jodi

“I resolve to get all the fries in my mouth and none in my car seat crack.” – Andy

“I resolve to be a more open and honest coach and student for my co-workers. 
I resolve to be a better husband and son.
I resolve to drink less beer. 
I resolve to find a creative way to get our members excited again to be a part of the co-op they know and love.
I resolve to work hard to make Black Star Co-op survive the impending bursting of the restaurant and craft beer bubbles, and become a sustainable business that lasts for years like the Austin institution it is.” – Johnny 

“I resolve to pack my lunch at least once a week (and cut my monthly SUBWAY™ visits in half).” – Larry

“I resolve to eat more tacos.” – Everyone

What are your resolutions for 2017?