2016 Board Meeting Minutes


 Hello there! I’m Marcus the Secretary for the Board of Directors now. Prior to being on the Board I would refresh this blog after every meeting hoping to see an update and get caught up on all the cooperative business that was happening. Now that I am generating the minutes I’ve learned that actually writing down what was said is just the beginning.


What are minutes? 

Having only ever read Black Star Co-op meeting minutes this was the first big question to tackle. I also needed to figure out how much detail is needed or wanted? Who can or will read this document? When can these be posted online, and how?  If you simply do a Google.com search you’ll find that there are thousands of voices with their own take on the matter. After a few hours and asking other Directors for input I came down to this definition. The minutes contain a record of votes that were taken, outcomes of discussions if there was one, and any actions that are to be taken. Something that meeting minutes are not there to do is give a play by play of the meeting, or give a detailed account of any debates during a meeting. Meeting minutes are here to serve a very specific purpose in the context of Board operations. We post the minutes online in this blog, and they are also documents that can be subpoenaed if the Co-op were to be sued. If you ever have any questions or would like more information you are welcomed to reach out to me marcus.wilson at blackstar.coop or the board as a whole at board at blackstar.coop

Minutes for 2016

I recorded meeting minutes starting with the November meeting, which actually took place the first Sunday of December. We usually don’t have a meeting in December and August was the Board retreat month.