Worker Spotlight: Stephanie

What do you do at Black Star?

I Serve you that beer!

Where are you from? 

D-town, baby!

Your favorite beer on tap?

Recalcitrant Dockhand.

The best part of working at a cooperative would be…?

Being a part of a family <3

Do you think it would be fun to dance on the moon, or would a space suit be too cumbersome? 

Since I just found out the moon isn’t made of cheese, I have no interest in that. 

Late night craving preference: sweet or savory?

The best of both worlds please! Chips and queso with a tub of ice cream. 

Any tips oh how to game the stock market?

Snort a lot of c**aine, take three shots of whiskey, and begin the gambling. 

Whatever happened to Renée Zellweger anyways? 

She’s pregnant with some hot dude’s baby.