Oktoberfest at Black Star Co-op

Push them legs into them ‘hosen and put your pretzel chompers in—it’s time for Oktoberfest! Black Star Co-op is going all out for this year’s bier festival with enough beer and food to satisfy an Übermensch!

From the 17th through the 3rd (October) we’ll be serving the best wurst specials in town. Ready your gullet for Currywurst & Bratwurst specials throughout the length of the fest. But it doesn’t stop there—we’ll be breaking down a whole pig! That means porcine dishes o’plenty for the last week of Oktoberfest. 

But what’s this Oktober-thing really about, y’all? We’re gonna have so many good beers on tap for Oktoberfest, we’re liable to make all those kids in Munich jealous. We’ve got beers from legendary breweries, beer stein giveaways, and a Kölsch of our very own—Gemütlichkeitbier! Here’s the full list of beer events: 

OKTOBERFEST ’16: Southern Star Oktoberfest
Wednesday, September 21

OKTOBERFEST ’16: Save the World Brewing Co. Celestis Thesauri
Thursday, September 22

OKTOBERFEST ’16: Weltenberger Klausterbraurei Stein Night
Saturday, September 24

OKTOBERFEST ’16: Left Hand Brewing Company Stein Night
Wednesday, September 28