Worker Spotlight: Jodi

What do you do at Black Star? 

I work on the Pub Team. 

Where are you from? 

Jersey… Doesn’t everyone already know that? 

Your favorite beer on tap? 

High Esteem, always. 

The best part of working at a cooperative would be…?

Working at a co-op! Co-ops are the best. 

If talk is cheap, how much does it actually cost? 

I’m not sure. I talk so much, I often miss the big answers to the big questions—like this one. 

Was it hard leaving Jersey? #borntorun

It’s never hard for tramps like us.

What’s the best band name you’ve never used?

Jodi and the Jerkoffs. 

Your love of cats is well known, as is your love of your husband. If it were within your power to turn Tom into a cat, would you do it?

Only if it would save his life.