Finding Closure: Where Your Favorite Departed Menu Items are Now!

Menus change. At Black Star Co-op they change with the season. Some dishes last; perennial darlings that are always available to their doting fans. Some dishes do not last, living behind both the menu and a troop of hungry, adoring groupies. We know how hard it can be to part with something loved (really, we know, we got your emails, all of them), so this is an attempt to provide some closure. Here’s what your favorite dishes have been doing since their departure:

Shrimp & Grits

S&G’s stint in Austin was always meant to be to be temporary. Spend a couple exciting years in the city, and then retire to the comfortable, provincial pleasures of the gulf. There’s just not enough salt in Austin: on the wind, in the water, hugging the soles of your feet. S&G is currently drinking up some rays and some cheap beer in Port Aransas, for now and the foreseeable future.

Fried Portobello & Chips

Oh, FB&C where did you go? Seattle. It went to Seattle. Taking sides in the “most vegetarian-friendly city” debate, FB&C moved north in search of frozen foodies, the type that might appreciate the capacity of a 1,000+ cal fried dinner to warm the bloodstream. So don’t fret, FB&C is still happily sating the bearded and the artistic, just somewhere a little bit nippy-er.

Pork Shoulder & Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Remember this cat? I don’t. It’s a dish that predates my involvement at Black Star Co-op by a couple years. I’m only really aware of the delicious looking plate because a photo of it was used repeatedly by the Chronicle in articles mentioning us for far too long. So yeah, I’m not sure where this dish is, but I would love to know. If you have any information about its whereabouts, please contact me.

Grilled Cheese

The grilled cheese is still on the menu, you fiends! Yes, it’s not available on the dinner menu, but that’s not so bad is it? Think about all the other people who’s favorite dishes are just gone… Forever! Really provides some perspective to your predicament, hmm? So, maybe, just stop by for lunch every once in a while to say hello to your old friend. (Or just keep writing to us an MAYBE we’ll put it on the dinner menu again).

So, did that help? If “no,” then sorry. The reality of the situation is that menu items are deleted for a reason—and it’s not spite. Most items that are removed either underperform sales wise, or end up being too costly to produce at a reasonable price, and they’re not likely to return. That may be disappointing to hear, but it’s the sad truth. We’re always trying to improve out menu though, so hopefully, if not now, you’ll find a new favorite dish at Black Star Co-op.

Did I forget your favorite dearly departed dish? Share you favorite dish to ever serve time on our menu!