Worker Spotlight: Nikki

What do you do at Black Star? 

I work on the Pub Team.

Where are you from? 


Your favorite beer on tap? 


The part of working at a cooperative would be…?

Everyone I work with is accountable for the success of Black Star.

The National Hockey league’s Stanley Cup Playoffs are going on right now. If you were a hockey player what would you name your hockey stick? Would you also name your ice skates?  

Big Bertha // Ren and Stimpy.

Which natural element represented in the cartoon Captain Planet (water, earth, fire, wind, heart) do you find yourself most aligned with? 

 Water, Gi was also my favorite character!

Please describe the best sandwich you can imagine:

Toasted PB&J — like the one from Potbelly’s.

If you had the ability to transport yourself into any painting which painting would you choose to visit/live in? 

“Song of the Lark” by Jules Adolphe Breton.

Is there any concert where it’s socially acceptable to wear earplugs? 

Only if you are working the show or if it’s for a baby.