October Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Charles Hueter

DATE: October 25, 2015

LOCATION: Arts + Labor

CALL TO ORDER: 12:05pm

ATTENDING DIRECTORS: Michael Handy, Charles Hueter, Scott Kelley, Kenley

Maddux, John Vinson, and Joe Silva




Call to order at 12:05pm


Public Comments

Marcus says “Hello!”


Consent Agenda

Kenley asked to add the B.8 Board Perpetuation policy monitoring report to the

consent agenda. Michael asked to add January retreat and Leadership

Development Committee (LDC) update to the agenda for discussion. Kenley

moved to accept it and the September draft minutes, Joe seconded, vote passed



LDC Update

Michael reported all is moving along. New board members will get set up after

the elections and mentors will be assigned. The board agreed continuous

recruitment is important to keep a pool of candidates active and interested.

Cole arrived at 12:12pm


Finance Committee Update

The committee had nothing to report.


2016 Board Roles and Committees

Annelies was not present but expressed interest in the community project to

Kenley. Scott offered to help as facilitator and graciously suggested taking a shift

beer for compensation. Kenley said he would like to remain President. Charles

said he was not interested in being Secretary again, and the board agreed to keep

the minutes with the role. No one volunteered for the role at the meeting.

John said he would remain the chair of the finance committee. Marcus expressed

interest in doing policy monitoring surveys. Charles offered to be the board

packet assembler. The board discussed rolling action items into the minutestaker

and rotating that role among several directors. Marcus said he would chair

the Annual Report Review Committee. Scott offered to be the timekeeper and will

combine it with facilitation. Steve was penciled in to remain board outreach

chair. Joe and Michael offered to be director mentors. Joe volunteered to help

with minutes if needed.


WA Budgeting Update

Nicole reported that the budget was nearly complete. The Workers’ Assembly is

pursuing staff remuneration reductions to tackle the biggest budget expense

item. She said 2015 is a big improvement compared to 2014 regarding sales

growth, mostly due to lunch and keg distribution. Price increases, particularly for

food, are one option under consideration after reasonable cost-cutting that does

not reduce quality. The board discussed the long-term challenges of the current

ends policies for worker treatment.


2016 Board Budget

Kenley reported an overview of CDS on their involvement with the board and

recommended staying with them. The board reached consensus on staying with

them and on getting competing bids for future financial audits. The board also

discussed the pros and cons of a normal full board retreat versus a smaller group

attending a CBL101 event for January. Michael asked for training ideas for the

LDC and more financial training was the common suggestion.


Memorandum to WA

Kenley wrote and presented a draft memo to the WA regarding the money

challenges facing the co-op, the importance of maintaining compliance with

financial policies, and expressing support for their efforts. Board discussion

involved adding language about the board saying this to represent the members,

understanding the potential sacrifices they are considering, having faith in the

WA, and removing the definition of net income since the staff has financial

training. The board agreed for Kenley to deliver the memo at the next WA

leadership meeting.




D.8 BSL Continuity Policy Monitoring Report and D.10 Electronic Communication

Policy Monitoring Report

Marcus mentioned the lack of a calendaring/event subscription system on the

website was a members communications issue. Kenley moved to adopt both

reports, Cole seconded, vote passed 7-0-0.


Ops Update

Nicole reported that there was no MISO update. The anniversary party was a big

success. The co-op earned almost as much that day as during a peak SXSW day,

lots of members participated, and several new ones joined.


Systems Audit Committee

Kenley reported on the committee’s proposed changes. The board agreed the

language was much improved. Kenley moved to adopt the edits, John seconded,

vote passed 7-0-0.


Adjourn at 1:53.