Take ‘Em for a Test Drive: First Dates at Black Star Co-op

Well, since February is the month that got stuck with St. Valentine’s Day, it’s also the “Month of Romance” by default. So that’s what we’ll be talking about—Romance. While I must admit that Black Star is maybe not the best place to take a partner for an enchanting, candle-lit sort of dinner affair, it is an apt setting for first dates. 

The meeting of strangers with an explicit, out-in-the-open objective of love (or something like it) is often, to put lightly, super weird. First date awkwardness should be softened by any means necessary, that’s why a comfortable casual setting is so important. Black Star is definitely a comfortable casual setting. 

How perfect is Black Star Co-op for first dates? Let me count the ways: 1. We’re a self-service establishment, so you won’t have to worry about the waitstaff overhearing your stiff conversation and it’s easy to settle the check in a hurry. 2. There’s plenty of beer—the tried and true social lubricant that’ll either make the date more enjoyable or more excruciating, thereby expediting the whole “getting to know one another” process. 3. Regardless on whether or not the coupling is a success, you’ll most likely have had some good food and beer while supporting the cooperative economy. 

The value of Black Star Co-op as a first-date setting is even well know among our directors. Take for instance Beth Beutel’s account of her BSC dates: 

“After my first few online dates, I decided I would be picking the place. So many online dates are disappointing, at the very least I was going to enjoy the food and drink and spend my money somewhere that represented my values. Some suitors were better than others, and none of the relationships were lasting, but the beer was always good. Maybe it was that if I went on a date at my co-op, even if the interpersonal connection was not there, I would still have honored my love and commitment to something. The primary reason I chose the co-op for so many first dates was the same reason I chose to dine and drink at Black Star now: when I’m going to go to a restaurant or pub, I’m choosing my co-op.”

If you’ve ever been on a date at Black Star Co-op or if your love story got its roots here, sound off in the comments. We want to hear your stories!