2016 Co-op Election Results

On Monday October 31st, Black Star Co-op concluded the voting period for the new Board of Directors and the non-profit organizations to support in the upcoming year. There were  3 open  seats on the Board of Directors, and a slate of local non-profits nominated by our membership.

Your newly-elected Directors:

  • Annelies Lottmann
  • Greg Cumpton
  • Kyle Voosen

The organizations we pledge to support in 2017:

  • Capital Area Food Bank (85 votes)
  • Planned Parenthood (83 votes)
  • Austin Habitat for Humanity (80 votes)
  • Austin Children’s Shelter (74 votes)

Congratulations, everyone!

Thank you all for Voting! And thank you to our exiting directors, Kenley Maddux and Steve Basile, for their years of service.