2016 Beer Resolutions

Last year I let my continued development as a beer drinker take an undeserved holiday, and some ugly habits emerged (hello cheapest beer in the craft beer aisle, how nice to see you for the umpteenth time). It’s time to course correct in the new year, so I’ put together a little list of craft beer resolutions:

  1. I will practice patience and learn to accept my failures—I’ll start to home-brew.
  2. I will not get shwastey at every beer festival I attend. Hopefully.
  3. I will fill my growler more often. The convenience store six pack is not the warrior’s way. 
  4. I will become more sensually attuned, particularly in the tongue and nose regions. Years of snorting wasabi to impress friends has limited my ability to enjoy the full spectrum of flavors and aromas present in craft beer. So… An awakening is in order. Maybe I’ll enter a beer school.
  5. Alrigh, so, I will exercise at least three times a week, but I will not cut beer from my diet. There’s a daily glass of wine in the Mediterranean diet and that’s supposedly super healthy. So I’m keeping beer in the diet, thank you. Compromise: I’ll do one or two beer 5k’s—that even’s everything out, right? 
  6. Be a more adventurous beer drinker. The session standards are great, but they’re not going anywhere (probably), and those oyster stouts aren’t going to drink themselves. 
  7. Meet the brewers at those “meet the brewers” events. Cause I usually don’t.
  8. Actually drink out of the branded glassware I’ve collected. Cause I usually don’t. 
  9. Try and figure out the whole food pairing thing. What goes with chicken, everything? 
  10. There is an occasion for SABMiller/AB inBev beer (see: football games, hockey games, soccer games, my parents house, the library) and I will not succumb to socially impressed guilt when I partake in a Coors “Golden Banquet.” 
  11. Maybe go to Europe. To drink their beer.

Yep, ok, those are my beer resolutions. Happy new beer! What have y’all resolved to drink this year?