Black Star Co-op Art Corner: Allison Lash

Our featured artist of the month, Allison, took the time to answer questions about her art: 

Hi Allison, would you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Allison Lash, from NYC. The first person to introduce me to and to inspire me to make art was my dad (who always took me to experience great museums in NYC and gave me my first camera).

Could you expand on where you draw inspiration from?

I’ve always been curious and creative.  I’m constantly making artwork in one form or another- collecting, doodling, photographing, creating lists, daydreaming, traveling, digressing.  Play Date, my current body of work at BlackStar Coop, is inspired by my struggles with balancing motherhood and taking care of myself, making art, devoting more time to editing, eating well, reading, etc.

Can you us more about the art work you’re sharing at Black Star Co-op? 

For Play Date, I’ve collected vintage toys that transport me back to childhood, arranged and photographed them to depict mom activities.  The text I’ve created refers to being overwhelmed by expectations while itching to do my own thing.  

How would you like an audience to react to your work? 

I’d love for people to relate to my work and find humor in it.

Are there any artists you’d like to recommend?

There’s work that inspires me, like: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center (if you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed it), doll house furniture, and Laurie Simmons.