Letter from the Director: How Can You Best Serve Our Co-op?

The Members’ Assembly meeting in May was spirited and invigorating. One of the main themes was that Black Star Co-op will continue to grow through member support. We celebrated the many ways that member-owners already serve our co-op, and encouraged everyone to think about how they can help in the future.

Lunch is a good example for me. This Spring, the workers challenged each Director to bring a friend to the new Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday lunch service. I sent the menu to a group of co-workers, and ended up with five lunch guests who had never been to Black Star. Some of them now bring their families for dinner. What an enjoyable way to expand our business!

Maybe your life makes it too hard to have lunch at an awesome pub in North Austin (Sorry!). You can still drink Black Star beer in bars closer to home, and request it in the bars that don’t carry it. When you see a particularly mouthwatering photo of a daily special on social media, you can tag friends who would also enjoy that item (They’ll thank you). You can also run for the Board of Directors—just contact joe.silva@blackstar.coop for information on our fall elections. Those are just a few ways you can contribute, but I’m sure you can think of more—participate in a way that utilizes your unique talents. 

I love being part of a business that pays a living wage to all workers, respects our environment, and serves excellent beer and food. Black Star Co-op is a wonderful example of what community-owned businesses can do. It is inspiring people throughout the U.S., and without you, our member-owners, none of this would be possible. Thank you for all of the ways you support Black Star Co-op.