Just Desserts

The Black Star Co-op Kitchen Team does a lot of things well, but desserts have never been a primary focus. We’ve always gone the route of the “Chef” dessert: pie, bread pudding, ice cream, BACON TOFFEE.

In the coming weeks, that will change. We recently brought aboard pastry chef Jen Cash. Jen comes to us from the corporate kitchen world, is an extremely talented pastry chef, and all around badass. She is filling a role on our team that we never really thought we’d have. 

The desserts section will break off of our main menu, with a new menu of bites and shares. We’ll still be making our pie and ice cream, and the new menu will remain loyal to our dedication to seasonal options that utilize our abundant local sourcing. We will also commit to a few gluten free options. 

If you have a sweet tooth, then maybe all of this is good news. We are excited to expand our offerings to our member owners and patrons, and to try all the stuff that we’ll be making.