Work is Hard, Lunch is Easy

We’ve been open for lunch for over a month now, and what do have to show for it? For one, plenty of pictures of our weekday lunch specials (if you want to check them out, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the article now, otherwise continue reading with the knowledge that the specials are waiting at the end in all their pictoral glory). There’s also the influx of new revenue during the weekdays and, to our surprise, an increased boost to revenue during the pre-existing weekend lunch periods. We’ve only met our weekday lunch service earnings goals, which is okay, but we’re looking to exceed those goals. Thats why we’re launching a few new promotions to increase customer traffic during the day. 

Promotion 1: $13 house rational growler fills on Wednesdays, 11am-4pm. That’s a $5 discount to fill up your storage device of choice on a Wednesday afternoon. We all need some help getting through “humpday,” and what’s better than a healthy sum of beer to fill your metaphorical “camel hump.”

Promotion 2: we’re serving $12 food+beer specials only during lunch. Three specials are currently available: the Catch, the Clutch, and the Club. The Catch is two fried fish fillets, chips, and your choice of a house rational pint; The Clutch is a chicken tender sandwich, chips, and a house rational pint; Lastly is The Club, which comes with an avocado club, chips, and a house rational pint. Feel free to take advantage of this crazy good deal, we wouldn’t have offered if we didn’t want you to. 

What do you think about these promotions? Do they entice the way they were intended to? Feel free to leave questions, suggestions, and any other form of comment in the designated section below. 

Now, here’s what we’ve got coming out of the kitchen:

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