Worker Spotlight: Lauren

What do you do at Black Star?

I “work” on the Pub team.  Is it considered working when you’re surrounded by the best group of people in town who feed and teach you about phenomenal food and beer?

Where are you from?

I’m from Dallas but this is my third time to live in Austin. Something keeps calling me back. 

Your favorite beer currently on tap?

It’s not quite on tap yet, but my all-time favorite is the Rebellious Dockhand. My palate is biased toward the sour side of things. I literally dream about this beer *drool*.

How about your go-to-late-night drunk snack?

Mrs. Johnson’s donuts anyone?  Bag o’ freshly glazed donut holes. 

The best part of working at a cooperative would be…?

Having the accessibility and opportunity to gain knowledge about every aspect of the cooperative. The people I work with are always willing to expand my understanding of our business model and products we create. It‘s quite an empowering workplace to be a part of. 

What’s it like working for Black Star and being a resident of Midtown Commons?

Can we talk about convenience? My commute involves about 100 meters of walking. There is nothing to complain about when the Austin traffic scene is something out of an Armageddon movie.

If you could spend a 15 minute work break anywhere on the planet, where would it be?

I would take a 15 minute power nap in my bed.  I’m a giant child when it comes to afternoon naps. Dream big, right?

If the Pub Team had their own reality show, what would the title be? Also, would your TV personality be different from your everyday not-on-TV personality?

Breaking the Pint. I would become a callous and overly dramatic person for my on-screen debut.  Nobody likes me due to my outrageous behavior that escalates to me slinging glassware on the ground out of aggravation. There is something oddly satisfying about the sound of breaking glass.

Cheese, avocado or bacon?

I like a lot of things in life but I mainly like cheese. I once made a cheese sculpture of Jabba the Hutt for a school project. This was definitely the peaking moment of my life.