Getting the Word Out Without Shouting

The expansion of our lunch service is a big change for Black Star Co-op, and its success is dependent on us making people aware of the change. One of Black Star Co-op’s greatest strengths is the ability to mobilize its membership. That’s why we’d like to ask for your help in spreading the word. There are many ways to advocate on behalf of the Co-op, example: post a viral-bound youtube video (not expected, but appreciated). I’m going to walk you through some rudimentary ways to publicly promote our new hours of operation. 

1. Speak (w/ your mouth)
Easily one of the most popular forms of interpersonal communication, speech is used daily by people all around the world to convey ideas, make appointments, and discipline children–it’s quite varied what one may accomplish with speech. So why not use the spoken word to herald the coming lunch expansion. Turn to a friend, lover, or parole officer and push a sentence like this through your vocal cords: “Hey, Black Star is open for lunch on Wednesdays now!” And with that, public awareness has grown–and all thanks to you!

2. Speak (w/ your computer)
Use the internet. You’re using it right now to read this article. And it’s sooo easy to use. Look at the bottom of this article: there’s a share button right there, so convenient. Just click it and choose to Facebook, Tweet, Tumble, redditit–all the internet verbs. With a minimal amount of effort, you have the potential to reach a wide range of people (but mostly old high school classmates that you wouldn’t recognize in public). So get to it, max out your monthly data plan for the good of the co-op!

3. Visit (w/ your friends) 
What’s better than telling everyone else about Black Star’s new hours? Telling yourself. Telling yourself, internalizing that information, and transporting your educated self to Black Star Co-op. I mean, the change in hours really exists to benefit you. Weekdays are hard, but food + beer can make it a little bit easier. If we could, we’d make every day Saturday. But we’re just not capable of doing that right now–maybe after the expansion we can dedicate more time… Bring yourself, invite co-workers, enjoy the services of the Co-op. Your joy will be radiant, people will spot it from miles away. Thanks for the props. 

Now, joking tone aside, these are all very good, very easy ways to broadcast the latest Black Star Co-op news. This is true year round. There are few ways to better support your Co-op than by visiting, inviting friends, and talking about Black Star. So, thank you in advance.