Invest in Black Star Co-op Treasury Shares

Prior to opening, Member-Owners who wished to invest additional capital into the Co-op were able to purchase Member-Investor Shares. Black Star Co-op had two offerings of Member-Investor Shares: one in 2008 and the other in 2010. These Investor Shares paid for staffing during the build out, construction costs, and start up capital needed for our brewpub. Now some of the first Member-Investor Shares have matured, and a few investors have begun to request that the Co-op repurchase their shares. The Board of Directors feels it is in the best interest of the Co-op to maintain the existing level of Member-Investor Share Equity, and are reselling these shares.

To this end, the Workers’ Assembly created a waiting list of interested members. We currently have a limited amount of Treasury Shares available. However, as more investors request that the Co-op repurchase their investments, more Treasury Shares will become available for purchase. 

Members can participate in the Treasury Share offering with a minimum investment of $1,000. Treasury Shares, like Member-Investor Shares, are $100 each, with maturity dates five, six, or seven years after the date of investment, determined by the mutual agreement between the Co-op and the investor. 

We encourage you to invest in your Co-op through this offering in order to use your money in a socially conscious manner and to help realize the vision that has brought us all together.

Contact us at or for more information or to make an additional investment in your Co-op.