November 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2014 Meeting 11:00 a.m.

Directors Present: Erin O., Kenley M., John V. Annelies L., Steve B., Charles H., Scott K., Joe S.

Also present: Nicole Renaux, Michael Handy, Cole Noppenberg

Consent Agenda: October 2014 Minutes, B.9 Report, B.11 Report. KM moves to adopt without B.9; SB seconds. Motion carries 7-0-1.

Seating of new members: KM moves to ratify election results; AL seconds. Motion carries 8-0-0. 

JS and Michael Handy to serve 3-year terms. Cole Noppenberg to serve 1-year term.

EO leaves meeting.

Election of Board Officers: KM nominated President. Elected 8-0-1. CH nominated Secretary. Elected 8-0-1.

Election of Committee Chairs: JV nominated to chair Finance Committee. Elected 8-0-1. SB nominated to chair Outreach Committee. Elected 8-0-1. Joe nominated to chair Leadership Development. Elected 8-0-1.

Discussion of Board Process. AL will prepare packets. SK will record and review action items. MH will do board monitoring surveys. We will find a job for Cole.

B.9 Report: KM moves to adopt. SK seconds. Motion carries 9-0-0.


CH leaves meeting.

A.5 Report: KM moves to adopt. AL seconds. Motion carries 8-0-0.

SB moves to enter internal session to discuss D.4, D.9, Operations Update. AL seconds. Motion carries 8-0-0.