Sustainable Community Project in Elgin Seeks Founding Members

Are you interested in co-owning the first sustainable, agrarian, mixed-use community in Central Texas?  

In 2017, The Elgin Agrarian Community, consisting of 80 single-family cottages, will become home to individuals and families seeking to live in an affordable, cooperative and environmentally sustainable community.  Less than 1 mile from Elgin’s historic Main Street and situated on 24 acres of post oak savannah, each cottage will be built using low-impact, high-efficiency architectural design.

The homes will range in size from 900 – 1500 sq. ft. clustered in a 10 acre area.

A five-acre farm will supply food to members through community-supported agriculture.  The site will also include commercial community space, an agricultural training center, and the historic Mary Christian Burleson homestead.

Cooperative home-ownership means that members will collectively own and manage the houses and common areas as well as plan together for future community improvements.  The co-op structure will allow for members to sell their properties at market prices, retain equity appreciation on their units and provide the same tax benefits of traditional home ownership. 

Pegasus Planning and Development and The Cooperation Group are looking for individuals and families interested in living at the site to help organize the cooperative and recruit other members to live at the site.

If you are curious about this unique opportunity please join us at Wheatsville, 3101 Guadalupe St., on October 21 from 6:30 to 8:30pm for an informational gathering.  The meeting will be in space at the back of the office building (north of the store).  Please park across the street to leave room in their parking lot for shoppers.

For more information contact Brian Donovan:  

512-825-8571 or