Worker Spotlight: Mike

What do you do at Black Star Co-op? 
Cook bad-ass food with some bad-ass peeps for awesome customers. 

Where are you from? 
I was born in Iowa City, Iowa. Relocated to Lake Travis in 4th grade. Now I live down the street from Black Star. 

What is your favorite beer currently on tap? 

And your favorite dish on the menu? 
I stay true to the champ: the Black Star Burger. 

What is your favorite late night Drunk Snack?
Anything with chili and cheese on it.

What was the best movie you saw last year? 
Abstain (because I can’t remember a movie I saw last year).

Do you have a horse in the Super Bowl Race? 
Going Homer, Dallas. 

What music do you play in the kitchen when you’ve got control? 
Riff Raff.

Who is the better cook, you or your wife (be honest, but keep in mind that the answer to this question will be emailed to your wife)?
You sneaky… The wife of course.