A Glimpse of What’s to Come

As fun as it is to self-congratulate ourselves for a brilliant 2014, it’s equally enjoyable to report glories that’ve not yet come to pass! So, what does Black Star Co-op hope to accomplish in 2014?

If you haven’t yet heard, we are looking to expand our business to a second location. This means there’ll be more Black Star Co-op to go around. Ideally our new location will be more accessible to our loyal south/central supporters that have endured so many Austin commutes over the years. The new site will also house a larger brewery to support our increasing distribution demands. Say, how fun will it be to have your two favorite bars in town both be Black Star Coop? And if all this talk of expansion has got you excited, and you’ve formed plenty of your own ideas about the next location, be sure to take our expansion survey to ensure those ideas are shared. 

Physical Changes in the Pub
With expansion on the horizon, we want to make sure that our current pub experience is as good as it can be. One of the ways we’re working to ensure that is by making physical changes to the pub and its operations. We are debuting a new point of sale system this winter that will allow us to move our long lines much, much quicker and allow for patronage tracking. All the beautiful patio seating that succumbs to the wind and cold will soon have the protection of an awning. Plus, much to Subway’s chagrin, we’re taking strides to offer weekday lunch service in 2015. So you can appreciate all of the changes we’ve made to our dining experience in the beautiful light of day!

Rebellious Dockhand
Word on the street is we’ve perfected our sour-worting process. According to Black Star Co-op Bear Team Leader Chris Hamje, “Rebellious Dockhand is my favorite beer we make, and this is upcoming batch is the best it’s ever tasted.” No small praise indeed. Perfection is a rare; here’s to hoping the beer team was being less than hyperbolic, and in fact they’ve forged a liquid nirvana. 

Increased parking
Now this is something we don’t have any control over, but the new owners of Midtown Commons said they’re looking into the parking issue. So keep your fingers crossed. Or, if you’d like to be more proactive, I’m sure an email to midtowncommons@lincolnapts.com couldn’t hurt!

Aye, a future so bright is hard to see. What do you hope to see from the co-op this year?