2014 in Review

2014 was a big year for Black Star Co-op. As we entered our fourth year of service, the co-op experienced significant changes while delivering the same level of quality service we’ve always provided. To wrap it up, we thought we’d cover some of the co-op’s most significant accomplishments:

Black Star Co-op Distributes Beer through Flood
This is a feel good story, one that hits you right in the gullet (where the beer goes). A natural progression for our brewery, the distribution deal made with Flood Independent Distribution looks to bring Black Star Co-op to more lips in the coming years. While house favorites Vulcan and High Esteem are the only beers that we’ve sold outside our own pub thus far, we received label approval from TABC for Waterloo and Recalcitrant Dockhand, so keep and eye open for their release in bars around town.

We Continue to Give Back to the Community
As is our wont, the co-op supported three major charities and non-profits this year: Cooperation Texas, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels. And all with the help of our member-owners.  With donations made from the sale of our house beers, we supported causes that we believed in, causes that supported the homeless, the disenfranchised, and the disabled. 

Senior Workers Leave, Little Ones Left to Step Up
A couple of our senior workers left Black Star this year, some to use their self-management skills in the creation of their own business no less, leaving junior members to step into more responsibility. The good news: the transition was smooth–proving that our WA is structured in a way that supports succession. The bad: we still miss Jeff and Brian

All Local Proteins in the Kitchen
The Black Star Co-op kitchen managed to hit a milestone this year by completely locking down Texan providers for its proteins. Sourcing from great local providers like San Miguel Fish, 44 farms, Homestead Land & Cattle, and Quality Seafood allow us to embody our principals of serving excellent quality food in collaboration with local food sources. The quality of ingredient is especially pronounced in our newest menu, which features protein heavy southern favorites. 

The Dewberrys Win Again
The Dewberrys were the Homebrew Challenge winners again. They’re on a dynasty run, y’all. Who among you can stop them? 

All in all it was a stellar year, with plenty to be proud of. Big or small, which developments and triumphs stuck out to you? Answer in the comments bellow.