August 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors meeting August 17, 2014

Meeting called to order at 11:03 a.m.


In attendance:

-Directors Erin O’Bryant, Kenley Maddux,

John Vinson, Scott Kelley, Annelies Lottmann, Steve Basile, Joe Silva,

and Charles Heuter

-Assistant Board-Staff Liaison Chris Biram

-Facilitator Christa Zufelt

-Consultant Mark Goehring

-Co-op Member-Owners Greg Conti(?) and Cheryl Govay(?)


Consent Agenda:

Kenley moves to adopt. Second By Steve. Motion carries 8-0-0.


Board Outreach Update:

Extravaganzas calendared. House That Beer Built is proceeding.


Membership Linkage Update:

Timeline for elections established. All directors please recruit candidates.


Bylaws changes for expansion: put on hold pending recommendations from Mark.


Bylaws Changes for Fall Member-Owner Assembly:

1. Change name of “Membership Linkage Committee” to something else.

2. Give the Board flexibility in determining how often to meet.


Internal Session:

Kenley moves to enter internal session to discuss D.4 monitoring and

operations, and to permit guests present to remain throughout the

session. Erin seconds. Motion carries 8-0-0. Internal Session from

11:18 to 11:30.


D.4 Monitoring Report:

Kenley moves to adopt report. Scott seconds. Motion carries 8-0-0.


KSM moves to adjourn. Charles seconds. Motion carries 8-0-0.